Ancora supplies technology to Gaudi Porcelanato from Grupo Almeida

Ancora supplies technology to Gaudi Porcelanato from Grupo Almeida

“The new dry grinding and lapping lines for porcelain tiles are fully operational at the new Almeida plant in Brazil”

As part of its investments in the new Gaudi Porcelanato brand, including a complete Siti B&T plant for the production of porcelain tiles, Grupo Almeida has once again turned to the Italian group for its finishing technologies, all of which have been supplied by Ancora.

Gaudi Porcelanato

The well-known Brazilian manufacturer based in the Santa Gertrudes ceramic cluster initially started up two dry grinding lines for matt porcelain tiles, followed by two 60-head lapping lines at the kiln exit complete with HiCoat surface treatment, and a grinding line for sub-sizes.

The plant was installed between November and December 2019, while acceptance testing took place in January 2020. It is already operating at high speed (16 sqm/min. on a 60×60 cm size) with a production of 24,000 sqm/day on two lines.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of Ancora’s finishing technologies is their very high productivity per square meter, with a percentage of first choice product at the end of the lapping process of close to 100%. Along with productivity, the use of Italian-made technology and tools allows for the production of a ceramic product with totally closed porosity and an outstanding finish and gloss level at a very competitive cost.

In addition to the high technological level of its solutions, Ancora also focuses strongly on service, with local support from B&T do Brasil’s specialist staff.





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