Constant density compaction of the ceramic material with traditional mould presses or with SUPERA® technology, the press without mould.

The best technology on the press market thanks to more than 40 years of continuous research and development.

Press without mould


SUPERA® is the revolutionary mouldless, compact, and very high-speed pressing technology, created for the production of large slabs with a unique aesthetic and developed in the RAPIDA version: with very high levels of productivity (24.000 sqm/day), it allows to reduce factory costs and minimize energy consumption.

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SUPERA® is the new concept for the production of XXL slabs.

A press created with the most advanced technologies in the sector, with an innovative design and equipped with new intelligent systems patented by Siti.

Flexibility and versatility in terms of thickness, it totally eliminates the creation of raw waste and solves the typical problems of traditional slab production.

With SUPERA®, Siti revolutionizes the production of slabs, with the possibility of using partial or full-body decoration, continuous veining and surface structures.

SUPERA® RAPIDA is the innovative press without mould that reduces production costs and gives the customer the possibility of creating unique products on the market.

Unlike the most common market proposals, SUPERA® does not use moulds, but an innovative punch pressing system, and standard mixture formulations of traditional sizes.

The punch is very easy to store: this leads to a reduction in the space required, logistics and maintenance costs.

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Pressing with mould


  • Steel, which allows greater resistance than cast iron
  • Minimal maintenance thanks to the limited number of components and hydraulic valves
  • High energy savings thanks to power-on-demand Start&Stop® technology
  • High precision of trolley management via press software
  • Trolley mounted on wheels: quick mould change and easy maintenance
  • Quick installation of spaces
  • 30% energy saving HDU
  • Lower operating pressure: greater pressing uniformity and less wear of components
  • Reduced maintenance and high precision
  • Easy and quick mould replacement in less than 30 minutes
  • Motorized wheels and 4 stabilizers for perfect alignment with the press
  • Automatic mould control system
  • Electrical panel powered by batteries
  • Welding control: visual, penetrating liquids test and ultrasonic control
  • Relief heat treatment
  • 2 year warranty on cylinder and crosspiece, software updates and checks