Supera® Rapida

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SUPERA® RAPIDA is the innovative press without mould that maintains the benefits of traditional pressing, but lowers production costs and gives the customer the possibility to create unique products on the market.

Supera rapida

To sum up

  • Pressing without mould
  • Back pattern on the underside of the tile and structure on the upper side
  • High speed
  • Wide variety of sizes and sub-sizes: 120/160/180 cm
  • Simple and quick format change
  • Very high productivity: 24.000 sqm/day
  • Scrap recovery at press exit and after green cut
  • Unique aesthetic effects
  •  Very high productivity
  • Wide variety of sizes
  • -50% operation costs
  •  Low electric consumption
  • Zero waste
  • Faster thermical cycles
  •  Diagnostic and reporting
  • Communication with business
    management systems
  • Costs and consumption calculation

Supera rapida