After Sales



Siti Customer Service assists and supports customers with a wide range of services, including original spare parts, technical assistance, remote connection, and modernization.

The numerous services offered by Siti have been developed over the years to meet the needs of customers and the market.

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The strengths are:

  • Attention to the customer
  • Customization of the service
  • 24/7 support
  • Professional technicians
  • Ad hoc tools for managing spare parts and consumables


In recent years the Group has invested in warehouses dedicated to original spare parts, managed by advanced IT systems.

The original spare parts are packaged so as to be easily managed at any customer’s warehouse both in terms of packing  and traceability via barcode.

All original spare parts have a high quality standard, they have been designed, tested, and certified by the same designers who create the systems, to always guarantee maximum reliability and durability over time.

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The Customer Service, both at the headquarters and at the branches, is made up of a team of qualified professionals able to offer support for the identification of parts and their assembly, as well as suggesting lists of dedicated spare parts that meet the production needs of the customers and of the place where they are located.

Within the bt-NOSTOP portal it is possible to constantly monitor the available spare parts and send the order directly to the management systems of Gruppo B&T.



bt-TUTOR is a plant supervisor.

The supervisor allows monitoring and control, interacting with the production planning and the predictive maintenance of tile production plants.

A fundamental IT tool from an Industry 4.0 perspective, which leads the customer to a vision of a modern and sustainable factory.

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The aim of the bt-TUTOR supervisor is to act as a platform for the acquisition and exchange of data proceeding from the machines, via Ethernet protocol; for subsequent data processing and display of key performance parameters (Key Performance Indicators – KPIs) necessary for monitoring and customer support activities in the event of malfunctions.

The BT-TUTOR monitors energy consumption and the raw materials used in the production process, historicizing them and making them available in tabular format or through graphs; by relating the data collected to the production batch, it will provide fundamental information to the ERP in order to obtain the cost of the product.



The bt-AIRA package is a further way to support our customers.

Thanks to smart glasses, Siti overcomes the obstacle of intervention times.

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Once the glasses have been put on, Siti technicians:

  • They will see what happens to the individual machine and to the plant in general
  • They will give instructions and will be able to see the results
  • They will help identify and solve the problem


A few years ago Siti started the first applications of refractories in our ceramic kilns, providing the ceramic sector with two great solutions:

  • Chemical attack in kilns with rapid applications
  • Eliminate condensation forever

The most in-depth tests are carried out in the Siti kilns, bringing our applications to limit temperatures of up to 1700°C.

All products are of high quality and tested before delivery.

Siti products have a 20-year history with excellent results in the best ceramic plants.
The product combines perfectly with the kiln refractory, for many reasons:

  • The same expansion coefficient as the refractory
  • It does not crack
  • It does not crystallize
  • Resists chemical attacks
  • Removes condensation
  • Resists temperatures up to 3000°C


The range of Siti lubricants is wide and guarantees perfect operation of the machine.

Each lubricant has its own characteristics but they all achieve high performance on gears, transmissions, and anti-friction action.

lubrificanti sitibt


Multigrade lubricant ideal for closed gears and transmissions.

Thanks to special additives it has excellent anti-friction behavior.
The temperature range is very wide and resists water and demulsibility.


Extremely refined white medicinal oil with a high degree of chemical stability.

Harmless product for handling, so much so that it can be used in the food industry and as a coolant for engraving and splitting machines in the ceramic industry.

lubrificanti gsvoil80


Lubricant suitable for movement in the ceramic kiln, for all types of gears that work at low speed and for all types of chains with severe traction.

It is characterized by excellent thermal stability and excellent performance at high temperatures  (from -20°C to +220°C).

As a product it has a very high viscosity index and guarantees excellent lubrication and adhesion.

Thanks to the LUBE 510 lubricant, maintenance intervals are increased, thus reducing machine and workforce downtime.