B&T Quartz: the latest plant innovations from Gruppo B&T for the manufacture of agglomerated quartz surfaces

B&T Quartz

B&T Quartz: the latest plant innovations from Gruppo B&T for the manufacture of agglomerated quartz surfaces

The B&T Quartz division, the system integrator for agglomerated quartz surfaces, has presented its complete line of products at bt-LAB

Gruppo B&T has invested more than €10 million in technology and human resources over the past five years with the aim of developing innovative plants for production, finishing and digital decoration of quartz slabs. Drawing from its experience in the ceramic industry, where aesthetics has always been a major strength, Gruppo B&T is continuing to grow and is now capable of supplying complete turnkey solutions that reflect the values of Italian quality, sustainability and innovation.

Last September, the B&T Quartz division, a system integrator for complete lines for the agglomerated quartz industry, presented its entire product line to industry professionals visiting the bt-LAB.

For the occasion, Gruppo B&T invited its customers to its research centre, which also focuses on solutions for the production of quartz surfaces. The aim of this in-house event was to showcase the Group’s technological potential based on its intensive R&D efforts, and to reaffirm its position as a pioneer in the industrial development of digitally decorated quartz products through the installation of complete, fully functional lines: a real industrial-level test bench.

This is a truly cutting-edge technology for the agglomerated quartz sector, in which the slabs are shaped by an innovative vibration-free press that does not require foundations, the finishing line performs both calibration and polishing, and digital decoration is used to ensure unlimited aesthetic creativity and size flexibility. This latter solution, which was unveiled as a world premiere, enables the Group to meet the needs of a market that has long been waiting for a new supplier backed by Italian technology and design. The Group is capable of competing on a global level and offers proven reliability and experience, from its renowned expertise in mechanical engineering and automation through to its constant focus on sustainability and energy saving.

“During the tour, visitors were able to get a first-hand view of the various product lines, including slab forming, finishing, digital decoration and high-quality graphic designs,” said Luca Fanara, General Manager of B&T Quartz. “The arrival of a major new player on the quartz machinery market was greeted with enthusiasm and interest by everyone in the industry.”

Thanks to the invaluable support of the group companies Projecta and Digital Design, this truly complete and integrated turnkey service helps customers create unique, high-quality new collections.

Gruppo B&T has played a revolutionary role in this process, creating a unit that following its recent launch has already begun to receive orders both in Italy and internationally.

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