Sorting and palletizing

The “end of line” solutions by Siti includes automatic sorting, packaging, and palletizing lines that are reliable, fast, and easy to use; modular machines that allow a versatile configuration according to present and future plant needs.

They have wide accessibility to facilitate maintenance interventions and software preparation for interfacing with vision systems and automatic guided vehicles.

wizard scelta e pallettizzazione sitibt
The innovative stacking machine for traditional and big size ceramic tiles


Gruppo B&T launches on the market WIZARD, a new stacking machine designed to optimize the handling of slabs and tiles, thanks to an innovative robot with suction cups.

The new packaging system for big size ceramic tiles


MAGISTER is the result of the know-how and experience acquired with the previous model SMART PACK.

Intuitive, precise and fast, the new packaging system has been optimized to manage bigger sizes, minimize operator intervention and machine downtime, and ensure maximum productivity.

magister sitibt
pallettizzatore sitibt
The new packaging system for big size ceramic tiles


The PALLETIZER by Siti is made up of a warehouse for empty pallets, a safe and efficient box tipper, a warehouse for interlayers and a box tipper and coupler, which ensures the stacking speed of the packaged product.

The new packaging system for big size ceramic tiles


The PALLETIZING ROBOT is composed of a track structure mounted on the ground, 4 work axes and the intuitive graphic display of the status of the pallets and the code queue.

Feeding from all sides and automatic and semi-automatic forming are among the many advantages of this machine.

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