Full-body decoration

Siti has developed the best technologies to create slabs with a unique design, inspired by nature itself.

Each technology, alone or combined with the others, gives life to amazing aesthetic effects.

The creation of aesthetically pleasing slabs starts with the preparation of atomized powders and decorative materials.

The intense R&D activity carried out with our laboratory and in close collaboration with our customers allows B&T technologies to create slabs with unique and identifying aesthetic effects, with dimensions up to 180×480 cm and thickness up to 30 mm.

A perfect balance between performance and design is thus achieved.

Full-body decoration


It combines full-body aesthetic effects with subsequent and synchronized digital decoration on the glazing line downstream, creating an elegant, classic and refined design, able to enhance every surface.

Perfect for kitchen and bathroom tops, walls, flooring.

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Full-body decoration


Full-body decoration system, which allows the creation of veinings with different depths and dimensions.

Veinings can be placed anywhere on the slab, in the desired quantity.

Perfect for matte or glossy surface finishing.
Ideal for kitchen and bathroom tops, walls, flooring.

Full-body decoration


Powder control technology, feeding the press, able to create unique full-body stratifications.
Full-body aesthetic effects can also include flakes and chromatic variations.

The resulting particular designs are perfect for kitchen and bathroom tops, walls and flooring.

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