Siti has been designing, engineering and manufacturing kilns for the ceramic industry since 1980, and today offers best-in-class solutions with continuous innovation.

Siti kilns are the most efficient on the market, as – among other things – they are equipped with burners that combine low consumption, low emissions and high productivity.

The advantages of Siti kilns are uniform temperature, optimized cooling, smart vacuum management and high productivity.

Best in class for energy saving

Hydrogen ready technology

Maximum control of production quality

Up to 3.850 mm and 44.000 sqm

Tunnel and shuttle kilns for sanitaryware

Data collection and ERP interface

Production cost monitoring

Preventive and predictive maintenance

Compatible with Cloud and mobile devices

The lowest consumption on the market

Very low harmful emissions



The TITANIUM® kiln is a patented technology that has achieved important results in terms of sustainability.

Fueled by methane, it is characterized by high flame speed per and greater technological efficiency.

The best kiln in the category for energy saving and emission reduction.

    • Patented heat recovery technology
    • Very low emissions: -17% of CO2 emissions compared to 2005
    • Special wall insulation to minimize energy loss
    • Protective coating: long-lasting walls
    • Use of oxygen meters to optimize process quality


titaniumh2 sitibt cottura

Innovative firing technology powered with a hydrogen blend up to 60% by volume, which allows a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Combining Titanium® technology with a Titanium® H2 kiln with a hydrogen blend up to 60%, the “Fit for 55” target can be achieved in a shorter time.

  • Patented technology
  • Plants compliant with EU emission regulations
  • Pilot R&D plant at bt-LAB


The HIGH SPEED kiln is characterized by reduced emissions of combustion residues in the head.

Thanks to the speed of flame propagation and the improvement of homogeneity, there is an improvement in the quality of slabs and tiles, as well as in consumption.

high speed bruciatore cottura sitibt
forno bicanale sitibt


Thanks to the two independent levels, the DOUBLE CHANNEL kiln allows to obtain two different types of product at the same time with different cycles and temperatures.