Siti dryers are the result of continuous research in order to obtain machines that guarantee optimal performance in all possible working conditions, thanks to a careful design that minimizes consumption and maintenance.

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Zero Consumption & Zero Emissions


Siti launches on the market the innovative «zero fuel» dryer, which offers the same performance as the standard model without using fuels.

This is possible thanks to the efficient recovery of warm flows from the kiln, which are properly mixed to ensure the achievement and maintenance of the ideal temperature anywhere in the module, and thus the optimal drying of tiles and slabs.

Zero Consumption & Zero Emissions

Vertical Dryers

  • The lowest consumption on the market
  • Motorization with oil bath or dry gears
  • Maximum temperature difference of 5°C
  • Excellent uniformity
  • Less than 1300 Kcal/kg*H20 evaporated
  • Process air recirculation
  • Possibility of recovering hot air from kilns
  • Minimized parts wear
  • Touchscreen operator panel
  • Supervision software for managing temperature set points
  • Manual controls
  • Production and consumption data and machine history
  • 2.8 m modular structure
  • Different sizes available at the same time
  • Quick assembly and start-up
  • Hot air recovery
  • Width up to 4 m
  • Access door
  • Metal roller movement system