Body preparation

Siti designs and manufactures innovative and complete plants for the processing of raw materials and the production of mixtures for all ceramic technologies.

laboratorio preparazione prodotti sitibt
Body preparation

Pre-treatment of raw materials:

  • Study of raw materials
  • Cost-performance optimization of raw materials
  • Ensure the best performance of the grinding plant
pretrattamento siti
  • Selection of raw materials and mixtures that optimize the efficiency of the kiln
  • Chamotte crushing: international certifications, recovery of raw and fired waste
  • Low temperature set point
  • Lance system for optimized slip distribution
  • Diffusion of hot air in the chamber
  • Powder recovery and emission reduction
Macinazione modulare continua mulini siti
Body preparation

Continuous modular grinding

  • Gravity feeding and inverter motorization
  • HP productivity specialty coatings
  • Testing of raw materials, optimal mixture formulation and field training
Body preparation


  • Eight models, up to 25.000 litres
  • Central and anti-sticking diffuser thanks to hot air diffusion
  • Lance scalability by inclination number
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Body preparation

Dry coloring

  • Reduction in the number of silos
  • Reduction of production costs, less time for silos cleaning
  • No production queues for individual colours
  • 6-color fine scalability
colorazione a secco preparazione prodotti siti