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The new B&T stacking machine

This PATENTED TECHNOLOGY is equipped with a mechanism that allows to create piles of tiles and slabs of various sizes, from 15×30 cm up to 120×120 cm and 120×180 cm.

It is also possible to manage rectangular sizes and «listelli» up to a maximum width of 120 cm.


To sum up

  • Patented technology with innovative robot with suction cups
  • Management of tiles and slabs with size from 15×30 cm to 120×120 cm and 120×180 cm
  • Management of rectangular sizes and «listelli» up to 120 cm width
  • 2 suction cups for each exit
  • Productivity of over 10 packs/minute
  • Structure made up of basic modules with 3 exits each
  • Simultaneous management of multiple stackers according to the
  • Reduced overall dimensions
  • Optimal waste management
  • Fully automatic emptying
  • High performance industrial PC
  • Distributed and high performance electronics
  • Intuitive graphic interface
  • SQL database