Siti B&T Magister

MAGISTER is the result of the know-how and experience acquired with the previous model SMART PACK.

Intuitive, precise and fast, the new packaging system has been optimized to manage bigger sizes, minimize operator intervention and machine downtime, and ensure maximum productivity.


To sum up

    • Wide variety of sizes:
      – extra up to 120×180 cm
      – «listello» 15×120 cm
    • Latest generation electronics
      Optimized conveyor system
    • Simple and intuitive user interface
    • High productivity:

– 8 packs per minute
– 4 station for the peparation of packs

    • Thickness management up to 25 mm
    • Horizontal carton warehouse
      Refill every 25 minutes
    • Simplified daily operations and maintenance
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Diagnostics and cost tracking
  • Online help
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Communication with company management systems
  • Compatibility with Cloud and mobile devices
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